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I know how hard it is to find a local full service website marketing company these days, and solid SEO knowledge is vital. We also offer a complete A-Z digital marketing package at a price that works within your budget.

With the consistent and frequent changes in technology and the surprise search engine algorithm changes, it's hard to keep up with it all.  

Plethora llc seamlessly integrates your website with your digital marketing platforms and fulfills your content needs. The Plethora llc team offers a full service digital marketing service; WordPress website design, SEO content management and creation, training, digital graphics, video production, social media strategy and implementation, in addition to e-commerce, all under one roof.

We give our clients an easy to use digital marketing process that is not hard to understand. We can manage the process, including website management, or provide training for you to do so.

One aspect of our business model we are very proud of, we do not hold our clients hostage with complicated programming, so the only solution is an expensive service call to fix a problem, or make the process so complicated clients do not have time to understand it.

So if your are beginner or need your current website upgraded, Plethora llc digital marketing is here for you.



Website Marketing Service

Whether your website is out of date, needs new content or is in the start up phase, fortunately we are here to help local businesses with their online marketing needs. I personally know how confusing digital marketing can be with the constant changing search engine algorithms and online marketing trends that only last months in some cases.

Our website marketing service is available to anyone that is looking to secure their personal or company brand online through content distribution, email, digital marketing strategies and analytics. If you are an advance online marketer and want to consolidate SEO, Social Media, e-commerce, video, pod-casting, content creation and content management under one roof, we are the one.

Let us manage the content creation process and distribution, so you can spend time on more important things, like family and free time. I’m sure you’re like us, work hard long hour’s day in and day out, we know how important time is, and we are only on this earth for limited time.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital Marketing Consulting

WordPress Platform

I have always compared digital marketing aka inbound marketing aka Internet marketing and last but not least online marketing with trading stocks and bonds. Whether it is trading long positions, naked puts or calls to leaps and many other trading techniques, someone or some company has a system.

One out of a thousand systems work on a consistent basis, the systems that work all have one thing in

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

common, FOCUS. In this situation focus means consolidating a plethora of factors into a refined easy to use routine, which can be utilized for a system, service or training, plethora might be an understatement, a tone of factors.

With that said, the individuals that keep the WordPress open source platform operating are very much focused. Think about it this way, thousands of individuals all focusing on their specific program, app or plugins to function properly on a platform that millions of people and company’s depend on, these individual are all the CEO. This is a great example of the free market at its best; it can be at this time, if your program, app and plugins suck do not operate properly, then no one will uses them, it’s that simple. This is what I love about WordPress and it works very well.

If you are not using WordPress we suggest you do, we can help with 99% of your WordPress needs, we like to keep things easy and simple as possible.

Website Marketing Service

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Sedona AZ Website Service

Website Marketing Service

Over the past several years our website marketing service and online brand development team have tested so many WordPress themes and plugins we cannot remember them all, all though I do have list of plugins that I have been collecting for about 5 years.

I have personally put in several hundred hours on the WordPress platform; we have assembled a group of themes, plugins and easy to use programs that seamlessly work together. This “group” as we call it, has been assembled for convenience.

Why? Because we were sick and tired of all the background noise on the Internet preaching what we should and should not be implementing. My group independently tested out a whole lot of systems, strategies and third party websites that just wasted our time, those systems will remain nameless.

What did we learn? Our own research and testing over several years created an online business model that works, not only does it work but it adapts with the times by keeping the focus simple but always consistent.

Quick Free Tips for Local Businesses

One of the first accounts you should set up is the Google Business page, they will send a post card to your

Google Business

Google Business

business location for verification, and it takes four days. Set up your Google Plus profile and business page at the same time.

For a quick banner or header that you will need for your G+ pages to look professional and uniformed, use CANVA, its free, easy to use and positions your graphics or photos perfectly for Google.