Aspen CO Veterinarians are Highly Competitive

For a city with only 6,871 people, Aspens’s veterinarians are highly competitive online.

Today someone with a puppy asked us which vet they should go visit. They were having some issues with their German Shepherd puppy. A quick Google search served up 3 vets in Aspen very prominently. Aspen Animal Hospital, Valley Mobile Veterinary Practice, and Bolton Randi R DVM.

We have no idea which vet in Aspen is the best however it is safe to say that these vets are definitely getting the vast majority of Internet traffic.

Google local search results ranking factors are, in a nutshell: the pages which rank best organically also trigger great local search results.

Enter the world of Veterinarian SEO

There are many things that competing vets should focus on. First of all, reviews are extremely important. But so is content and organic rankings. Organic rankings are achieved by powerful, industry specific links.

The silver lining here is that the existing veterinarians are not SEO experts. Yes, they are reputable, which is half the battle. But let’s say a brand new vet opened their doors who is just as good. How will they compete? It will be a long uphill battle, but it can be accomplished.

If you’d like us to be part of this journey please feel free to contact us today.

And if you like cute puppies, take a look at this little guy: