Sedona Attorneys not Taking Advantage of Google Reviews

A Google search of Sedona Personal Injury Lawyer brings up something jaw dropping. An opportunity which makes any good digital marketer’s mouth water.

Do you see what it is?

sedona attorney screenshot

screenshot March 2016

A glaring lack of reviews.

Ruffatto & Hogfard, Dawson & Rosenthal & Attorney Tutnick are showing right up in the local search results.

With a population of just over 10,000, Sedona is no Chicago. In Chicago, attorneys are dropping millions annually on advertising- in fact Chicago personal injury lawyers spend $250/click on AdWords. This is excellent news, because in Sedona, simply getting a couple of reviews will drastically impact the number of calls an attorney gets. For free!

Sedona attorneys could absolutely benefit from mild SEO or content which touches on injury topics in nearby Flagstaff AZ.

If you are a bankruptcy, DUI, personal injury or criminal defense attorney in the Sedona area who would like more exposure in Google search please feel free to contact us today.